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Careers Service
Careers Service Wrocław was established in 1997 thanks to an arrangement between Wrocław University, Wrocław University of Technology and The Voivodeship Labour Office. The Careers Service was one of the first established within the frame of Thempus Project.

The main goals of Careers Service Wrocław are:

  • to help students/graduates to find a satisfying job
  • to encourage them to make and implement the best decisions about their careers
  • to provide information about the labour market
  • t o provide information about employers in the country and abroad

The main goals are achieving by:

Co-operation with employers

Careers Service co-operates with employers, obtains jobs/internships offers. The Careers Service has a database with 6 thousand students and graduates and is able to find well-educated, skilled young employees for any employers. Today Careers Service co-operates with over 780 employers from all country e.g. GE Power Controls, L`Oreal, Masterfoods Polska, Leoni Kabel, Wabco, Philips Lighting.

Co-operation with institutions, local government, media
Careers Service Wrocław co-operates with Municipality of Wrocław, especially with the Economic Initiatives Department, also with The Confederation of Polish Employers. Careers Service co-operates also with Lower Silesian Regional Development Agency, Wrocław Regional Development Agency, Lower Silesian Chambers of Commerce, Innovation Relay Centre West Poland and the other institutions involved in the labour market activities.

Vocational counselling
Careers Service provides trainings for students and graduates – how to write a cover letter and CV, how to prepare for an interview, recruitment techniques, establishing one’s own company, labour market and ways of finding employment, career path, self-presentation during an interview, negotiations during an interview, stress and how to reduce it, communication during an interview, assertiveness during an interview. Counsellors from Careers Service provide also individual counselling and support graduates during the recruitment process.

Company presentations
The Careers Service organises company presentations at the universities. For young people it is a great chance to learn about employer’s requirements and to prepare for their recruitment process.

Collecting information
The Careers Service collects information about labour market, its requirements, opportunities for improving skills, and all changes on the labour market. In Careers Service are also available information about foreign universities and companies.

Every year Careers Service Wrocław is visited by over 15 thousand students and graduates. Vocational counsellors provide over 2600 individual counselling interviews with students and graduates, and provides trainings for over 1700 people every year.

Careers Service – University of Wrocław
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e-mail: biurokarier@uwr.edu.pl
phone: 0048/71 37-52-131


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