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Network of Careers Offices

As a result of the very rapid development of careers services in Poland, the All Poland Careers Services Network was founded in 1998. Its major goal is the exchange of knowledge and information and providing support in establishing new careers service centres throughout the country. This cooperation helps each careers service centre give useful guidance to young people in making their first steps in their active professional life. The Jagiellonian University Careers Service is one of the members of the Network.

All careers service centres have one common goal and function according to a common set of rules and standards. However, each centre also develops its own unique methods of work. The regular meetings of the Network (in Krakow in December, and in various parts of Poland in the summer), enable its members to share their valuable experience with each other.      

The career service centres that are part of the network have to meet certain programme standards, that is:

  • provide career counselling to individuals as well as groups,
  • provide information about the job market and the opportunities to improve one's qualifications,
  • collect job and internship offers, classify them and make them available to students and graduates,
  • keep and manage databases of students who look for a job via careers service,
  • promote the idea of careers service and contribute to the establishment of new careers service centres at other higher education institutions

as well as logistic and organizational standards, that is:

  • employ permanent staff,
  • have permanent premises,
  • have been active for at least 3 months.

The careers service centresin the network are obliged to:

  • promote the idea of careers service in the world of academia and business
  • participate in a meeting of All-Poland Careers Services Network at least once a year
  • exchange information and contacts with other members of the Network and cooperate with them.

Careers services have a great potential in terms of experience and knowledge as well as in terms of organization and logistics. They cooperate with all potential partners in order to reduce unemployment among graduates.


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