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Navigating The Recruiting Process

dodano: 2015-11-13

rodzaj: aktualności

Navigating The Recruiting Process

This unique workshop will provide an opportunity to learn how to manage the recruitment process from a candidates perspective.

You will hear from a Campus Recruitment representative, who will explain how to prepare for the selection processes while applying for internships or full-time roles.
Moreover, you will learn about the different types of assessments you may be asked to take part in. During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to have your CV reviewed and learn how to avoid common mistakes.
Finally, you will learn how to make the best possible impact on a potential future employer.
Do not miss the chance to navigate your career!

Miejsce szkolenia: Aula B, Instytut Politologii, ul. Koszarowa 3
ZAPISY: https://www.careers.uni.wroc.pl/pl/szkolenie/373/

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